FB10-15KRT PAC Series

Electric Count­er­bal­ance – 3 Wheel Pneumatic Tyres  1 – 1.5  tonnes

The FBKRT PAC is easy for anyone to operate, with the minimum of instruction, and despite its small size and price it shares many important qualities with the larger Mitsubishi electric’s. These include powerful, smooth, quiet performance, high stability, excellent levels of operator comfort, ergonomics and safety… and full pro­gramm­abil­ity to meet the needs of each driver and application.

With its ultra-compact design and incredible man­oeuvr­abil­ity, the remarkable FBKRT PAC series is unbeatable in confined working areas such as narrow warehouse aisle and containers. Equipped with a 24 volt battery and efficient AC motors, a perfect choice if you need an economical but productive truck for a few hours each day.

Load Capacity
FB10KRT PAC 1000 kg
FB15KRT PAC 1500 kg