Meet the New 4-wheel EDiA EM.

As well as being the market’s most intelligent truck, it’s also one of the most durable. Exceptionally manoeuvrable, powerful and reliable – it’s everything you expect from a Mitsubishi forklift truck.

Designed and engineered to perform, these 48-volt four-wheel electrics work intuitively, tailoring their performance to your individual operator. EDiA EM’s sophisticated software analyses behaviour in real-time and automatically adjusts the truck’s behaviour for safe-but-productive performance.

What’s more, every EDiA EM has been developed to suit drivers of every size. The truck’s spacious footwell, for example, accommodates size 50+ EU shoes, for maximum comfort – even through the longest shift.

Model Load Capacity
FB16ACN 1600kg
FB16AN 1600kg
FB18ACN 1800kg
FB18AN 1800kg
FB20AN 2000kg