13th September 2018
Pharmaceutical EX Materials Handling

EX – Atmospheric Groups

Currently there are 2 material groups, namely: material group I and II: Equipment group I concerns all underground installations (mining) […]
13th August 2018
Sichelschmidt Explosion Proof EX Machine

When a standard model won’t do

For certain applications, a standard model will not do the job. Sichelschmidt has comprehensive experience in the design and manufacture […]
19th April 2018

Hand Pallet Truck Competition Winner

Competition Winner!… We had a huge amount of entries to the draw for the Hand Pallet Truck which we ran […]
21st February 2018

Semi-Electric Hand Pallet Truck

No more backbreaking physical efforts. Loading and unloading goes smoothly with this semi-electric manual pallet truck, designed with a focus […]