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Reach Stackers & Port Equipment

As an Irish distributor for Konecranes Liftace Reach Stackers, Container Handlers and Port Equipment, we are in an ideal position to provide you with the advice you need and the service support you expect from Ireland’s leading supplier of Materials Handling Equipment.

We supply the complete range of full and empty container handling Reach Stackers plus a dedicated multi attachment version. Designed using the latest technologies to satisfy the most demanding applications, together with advanced design solutions to perform high capacity, operational speeds always granting full safety and operator’s comfort.


Konecranes Reach Stackers

Whether for use in port, railway or intermodal terminals, in container stack yards or any other area of logistics, Konecranes Liftace reach stackers are known for good quality, robust design and reliability in operation when handling containers or heavy general cargo.

With the durable Konecranes Liftace spreaders, 20’ to 40’ containers are stacked up to 1-over-6 high-cube containers high. To handle general cargo, the machines can be fitted with dedicated lifting gear.

Konecranes Liftace reach stackers meet the challenges of professional cargo handling with high loading capacities of 45 t and high working speeds while providing simple and safe operation. Download Brochure

TFC 45 45-27-13 tons 6000 mm 5 x 9’6’’
TFC 45 R 45-31-16 tons 6000 mm 5 x 9’6’’
R 5-31 45-31-15 tons 6200 mm 5 x 9’6’’
R 5-33 45-33-17 tons 6200 mm 5 x 9’6’’
R 5-36 45-36-18 tons 6200 mm 5 x 9’6’’
R 6-36 M 45-36-18 tons 6600 mm 6 x 9’6’’
R 6-41 MS* 45-41-31 tons 6600 mm 6 x 8’6’’
R 6-45 LS* 45-45-36 tons 7000 mm 6 x 8’6’’
*Data applicable if stabilizers are used


Empty Container Handlers 9-10 tonnes

Robust and stable: The powerful, durable and safe Liftace has become a firmly established player for container terminals due to its high quality and ease of use. The models have a load capacity of 9-10 tons, and are available as single or double stacking. Download Brochure

Konecranes Liftace at a glance

  • Productive – working speeds for efficient handling rates
  • Economical – low fuel consumption and predictable maintenance cost
  • Simple – operation and maintenance
  • Proven technology – agile, robust and reliable
  • Safe – reliable monitoring and excellent visibility


LIFTACE E 5/6 ECC 9 9 tons at 1220 mm 4500 mm
LIFTACE E 6/7 ECC 9 9 tons at 1220 mm 4500 mm
LIFTACE E 7/8 ECC 9 9 tons at 1220 mm 4500 mm
LIFTACE E 5/6 ECC 10 DS 10 tons at 1220 mm 4500 mm
LIFTACE E 6/7 ECC 10 DS 10 tons at 1220 mm 4500 mm
LIFTACE E 7/8 ECC 10 DS 10 tons at 1220 mm 4500 mm


Straddle Carrier

Launched in 2010, the Combilift Straddle Carrier (Combi-SC) range was developed as a more cost effective and flexible solution for distribution, shipping and haulage companies even with relatively low throughput levels.
The Combi-SC is much more economical option compared to heavy handling forklifts, reach stackers or mobile cranes and offers complete independence when moving very large fully laden containers and other oversized loads around sites.


20,000KG – 80,000KG