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Anti-Skid Fork Protectors

Anti Skid Fork protectors


The anti‑scratch, anti‑slip magnetic fork blade covers can be used for handling a wide range of loads. They can either be used where products could be damaged from contact with bare forks or when confronted with a slippery load like cages or metal boxes. Should not be used to handle wooden pallets!


  • Only a few seconds are required for fitting or removal
  • Attaches instantly when positioned on metal lifting forks, due to magnetisation
  • Installation requires no mechanical or electrical work
  • Sticks securely to forks
  • The capacity of the forklift truck does not get limited in any way
  • Delivered with user manual
  • Can easily be stored on the side of the lift truck when not in use

Contact your nearest parts department (below) for pricing and to place an order.