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The cost effective solution for handling containers and oversized loads

The Combi-SC, Straddle Carrier range is the most economical handling solution for distribution, shipping and industries with heavy and oversized loads. Its manoeuvrability, light footprint and high customisation offer complete independence when moving containers and oversized loads.

CAPACITY 35,000 KG TO +100,000 KG

The Perfect Container Handling Solution 

The Combi-SC range does what it promises: it is a cost-effective and flexible container handling solution which guarantees quick ROI even for companies with relatively low throughput levels.

With the Combi-SC’s ability to double stack containers in aisles as narrow as 1.6M you can make more effective use of your storage space.

Reliable and Fuel Efficient
Unmatched reliability, fuel efficiency and much lighter service weight ensure you can maintain maximum levels of productivity.

All Combilift straddle carriers are designed to minimise service downtime. Its straightforward design incorporates standard components which are easy to source for extreme reliability and ease of maintenance wherever you are in the world.

Lighter Footprint

The Combi-SC’s much lighter unladen weight, at only 17 tonne compared to comparable heavy duty forklifts which can reach 80 tonne, makes it extremely fuel efficient.

The low service weight and large puncture proof flotation tires greatly reduce ground pressure, enabling operation on poor and semi-rough terrain, avoiding the need for costly investment on ground resurfacing or improvement.