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Unicarriers Driver Safety

This booklet is about the most important thing we have; our Health.Unicarriers Driver Safety

It’s about how a good warehouse should look and how a good truck should be designed to minimise damage in the form of wear and accidents. It provides tips and advice on what to do and most importantly, exercises to prevent pain.

The exercises have been designed by Birgitta Lövdahl, a licensed physiotherapist specialising in OMT Level 2, and are divided into five sections for operators of order pickers, side seated trucks, counterbalance forklift trucks, stand-in stackers and pedestrian controlled trucks with foldable platform.

The exercises are specially designed to prevent the particular problems operators of these trucks are likely to suffer from.

Completing an exercise session takes no more than about 10 –15 minutes, and the exercises are easy to perform correctly. That quarter of an hour is time well spent.

Download the Unicarriers-Safety-Brochure.