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Everything about EDiA EX inspires confidence.

Rugged Mitsubishi build quality, simple, effective design… and the kind of smooth, instinctive control that gets the job done right first time, every time. Impressive residual lift capacities means EDiA EX packs the punch you need to lift larger loads to heights of 7 metres – while dual drive motors and +100° rear axle steering give the agility to deliver that big-truck performance in the tightest space.

It can do it safely, too. From the one-spoke steering wheel to the cleverly angled counterweight, every aspect maximises the driver’s all-round view of the job in hand. No expensive gimmicks, just great truck design. What’s more, IPX4 waterproofing and sealed wet disc brakes mean this truck can work anywhere, from hygienic, zero-emission environments – with integral brakes eliminating brake dust – to loading outside in the rain. But the best thing about EDiA EX is the drive. From the moment you slide behind the wheel, everything just feels right. Drivers instantly feel at home – and perform at their best from day one.

ModelLoad Capacity

Top Features

Sealed, wet-disc brakes are protected from the elements and virtually maintenance-free.

Sensitive Drive System (SDS) smooths start and stop movements, increases agility and adapts to the speed of operators’ foot movements.

Intelligent curve control senses the angle of a turn, and reduces speed earlier in the manoeuvre for maximum stability and accurate, positive cornering.

Precision tilt and side shift easy, fine control makes important and difficult movements faster, and safer.

Unparalleled 360° visibility optimised mast, wheel, dashboard and counterweight design maximise visibility to load, forks, front and rear wheels – giving safe, confident operation in tight spaces.

Brand new F2 button simple thumb control integrates twice as many key controls – without taking your eyes off the load. Options include clamp release and automatic tilt centreing. –

Touch-sensitive fingertip controls natural feeling, spring-loaded response: press gently for finer control.

Extra-large entry step for safe, no-slip entry and exit – whatever the footwear.

Tight space agility rear axle steers through a full 100°, with dual drive motors for instant, smooth turning on the spot and  no initial “push”.

Perfectly weighted steering and optimal steering wheel size with a light but firm feel gives confidence and manoeuvrability at all speeds.

Features in detail

Automatic parking brake with hill hold stops the truck automatically when the accelerator is not engaged, and prevents rolling on ramps – no remembering to use a handle or switch

ECO mode encourages natural, smooth operation with optimal energy efficiency; ideal for long shifts, training, new and part-time users.

PRO mode maximises performance parameters, giving full control to more experienced operators in intensive situations.

Custom settings can be fine-tuned by a service engineer to perfectly match any given application, scenario or need.

Straightforward component layout carefully planned for fast, easy access, reducing downtime and cutting routine servicing bills.

Sealed connectors reduce the need for maintenance and repair.

Precision tilt and side shift easy, fine control makes important and difficult movements faster, and safer.

Optimised pedal position ergonomically-chosen position, shape and angle for each pedal feel familiar to use and are easy on the ankles, even in prolonged shifts.

Clear, informative display in full colour, is easy to read from all angles and in direct sunlight. Perfectly positioned for at-a-glance reference to operator guidance, without reducing all-round visibility.

ErgoCentric adjustable armrest allows a natural hand position, with easy one-hand adjustment, minimising injury and fatigue.

Fully adjustable driving position create the perfect seat, arm and steering wheel position for each operator’s unique needs.

Plenty of storage space for on-board essentials, putting clipboard, mobile phone, drinks bottle and pen all easily to hand.

Wide, open cabin enables quick, ergonomic access and a range of comfortable driving positions.

Ergonomic panels and covers encourage smooth, easy cabin entry.

Extra-large entry step for safe, no-slip entry and exit – whatever the footwear.

Flat, uncluttered floor exceptionally spacious footwell area means more comfort, and no distractions.

Elongated grab bar helps drivers of all heights.