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Electric Tug MD1000

By 7th October 2022October 12th, 2022Products

Exactly What You Need!

The Movexx MD1000 is a true multipurpose machine. The electrically driven tug consists of several modules that offer numerous solutions for your intra-logistics problems.

    • The drive module is easy to use and is characterized by its ergonomic design.
    • The lift module, support structure and hook are often custom made to ensure that your MD1000 fits perfectly in your situation.

Carts with 4 castors, which were previously difficult to move, can be moved in a controlled manner with the MD1000 at the mere push of a button. In addition, with the Movexx removable batteries, you are very flexible and your process will not come to a halt. That’s smart! That’s Movexx’s brainpower


Different carts and applications require different solutions. With the introduction of the MD1000, many solutions are within reach. Due to its modular design, the MD1000 can be customized to the application. The MD1000 uses the Movexx interchangeable battery system. This increases the efficiency of the machine and in this way it is also possible to provide the MD1000 with lithium technology. So you are never on your own.

Four castors? No problem!

If you have carts with four castors you know how difficult it is to move these carts. The castors make a trolley uncontrollable when it is pushed or pulled on one side. For the MD1000, however, it’s a piece of cake! Because the legs go under the trolley and the side is lifted slightly, a new pivot point is created. This allows you to effortlessly and controllably move (heavy) carts with castors.


An important feature of the MD1000 is its user-friendliness. Designed to relieve your body and built for a long life. Everything comes together in this compact electric tug. Operating this electric tug is very simple and you do not need a certificate to operate the machine. Are you ready to improve ergonomics and efficiency?


Additional Information

Market segmentAirport, Food & Pharma, Healthcare & Laundry, Hospitality & Events, Industry, Retail & Distribution, Waste
PowerMotor 300W, 24V DC
Maximum pulling forceUp to 1000 kg.
BatteryInterchangeable AGM battery
Maximum speed4.5 km/h
TiresBlue polyurethane drive wheels Ø 200 x 60 mm
Weight80 kg  
FrameSteel, powder coated
Width412 mm
Length342 mm
Work height1223 mm
Standardly equipped withSee datasheet
OptionsSee datasheet