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EPM / EPH medium and high level order pickers

The order pickers in the EP range both offer excellent lifting and driving performance. The driver-friendly ergonomic design can increase productivity, while the Pro-Access side gates and easy-to-use floor sensor ensure safe picking at all heights.

Safety is further enhanced by the trucks’ high visibility levels and manoeuvrability, which reduce the risk of accidents, increasing uptime and productivity.
Highly adaptable controls means the trucks’ cabins can be altered to suit every kind of operator, and easy battery access and modular design, which makes service and maintenance easier, give uptime a further boost.

Our EPH order picker is IFOY-nominated

UniCarriers is very pleased to announce that it has been nominated for two awards in the prestigious International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) competition. Our high-lifting EPH 125 order picker is nominated in the Warehouse Truck of the Year category, while the innovative Driver Presence Sensor (DPS) feature is nominated in the Special of the Year category. The nominated trucks and features will be examined rigourously during test days in March 2017, and the best in each category will be decided by a jury of 25 respected trade journalists, from 16 countries. The winners will be revealed at Munich’s Transport Logistic trade fair in May – we’re hoping to see you there!

The EPH has been nominated for Warehouse Truck of the Year in the IFOY awards

Ergonomic design

Order picking is an intensive process, which can put strain on the truck operator. With their ergonomic designs, the EPM and EPH make picking easier for operators, leading to higher productivity in the warehouse. High visibility around the truck, especially through the ProVision mast, enhances safety and means the operator doesn’t have to strain themselves to get a good view. The trucks’ essential controls can be moved up and down, and backwards and forwards, so each operator can be comfortable, and a low step in height makes it easier when the operator is frequently entering and exiting the truck. A floor sensor which covers the whole cabin floor, rather than a ‘dead man’ foot switch, gives the operator free movement around the cabin during operation.

Pick at heights of up to 12.1 metres

With the EPH high level order picker, you can reach previously unbeatable heights. The truck allows operators to pick from heights of up to 12.1 metres, getting them as close to the picking location as possible, as quickly as possible, and in the safest way possible. The EPH’s ‘little brother’, the EPM, has been designed to reach picking heights of 9.85 metres – but offers the same ergonomic and comfortable design.

Reliability & uptime

The trucks’ good levels of visibility reduce the risks of accidents and damage. These factors, coupled with a modular design, a high availability of common parts, and high familiarilty for engineers, mean you can rely on these trucks to perform. An easy battery change-over system also makes it quicker to swap batteries when you need to.