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Ergo A

By 2nd March 2017October 12th, 2022Products, Stackers, Warehouse Equipment

Ergo AJN/ASN Stand-in stacker.

Pioneered by UniCarriers, launched as the “impossible truck” in 1961 and still a market leader, the A Ergo stand-in stacker forklift truck is perfect for stacking, internal transport and double pallet handling.

The A Ergo stacker is versatile, space-saving and safe. The operator is effectively protected by the overhead guard pillars. The Ergo’s driver compartment has well positioned, easily accessible controls and power steering.
It handles “open” load carriers with standard straddle legs, and closed load carriers in between wide straddle legs. High drive speed and lift/lowering speed add to a high throughput and productivity – as does the ergonomic design. And for even higher residual capacity we offer foldable side stabilisers. What’s more, UniCarriers’s smart modular concept makes it possible to customise each truck for your specific needs. For multi-shift applications, the battery is placed on rollers, for quick and easy changes.

World-class safety

The operator is safely positioned within the truck’s contours and its protective overhead guard pillars. A robust overhead guard protects from falling objects. The ergonomic driving environment puts the operator in a natural position. The full floating floor minimises body vibrations and a low instep faciltates entrance and adds to more space inside the cabin. At the floor, there’s an electric safety “dead man” foot switch.

Ergo driver compartment for higher productivity

To enhance the operator’s well-being, the controls are well positioned and easy to access. Lifting and lowering are intuitively controlled with the electric proportional valve. Fully adjustable power steering wheel and control panel make it easy to find the perfect driving position. Writing surface and practical storage space come as standard.

Space saving truck design

The compact design of UniCarriers’s stand-in stacker makes it stronger, faster, safer and more space-saving compared to all pedestrian stackers with a platform.

Easy-access fork design

Unique fork design with tapered profile and distinct fork tip shape provides easy access into pallets. Take the short cut in and out of your load carriers and speed up your materials handling.

Shared components for maximum uptime

The Ergo A is modular built with UniCarriers’s unique shared components concept. It shares parts with the Ergo X, PSH and PSP – this maximises both uptime and First Time Fix Rate. What’s more, the brushless AC motor and reduced brake wear through motor braking, help extend the service intervals.