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Electric Count­er­bal­ance – 4 Wheel Cushion Tyres 1.5 – 3  tonnes

The many benefits of AC power include smooth, quiet and controlled operation. For extra flexibility, an advanced controller allows this truck to be programmed, instantly, to meet the needs of each driver and application. Operating costs are minimised thanks to the truck’s tremendous energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements.

Developed from an award-winning design, but now powered by state-of-the-art AC motors, these compact four wheel electrics offer the strength and speed of a diesel… but without the noise and emissions. Their combination of high performance, man­oeuvr­abil­ity and ergonomic design delivers exceptional productivity.

Load Capacity
FBC15N1500 kg
FBC18N1800 kg
FBC20N2000 kg
FBC25N2500 kg
FBC25EN2500 kg
FBC25LN2500 kg
FBC30N3000 kg