FD40-55 Series

Diesel Count­er­bal­ance – 4 Wheel Pneumatic Tyres: 4 – 5.5  tonnes

Generations of forklift truck owners have grown to love and depend upon these tough and highly capable machines. The effectiveness and legendary reliability of Mitsubishi 4 and 5 tonne IC engine forklift trucks has been proved over many years in the most demanding of applications. GRENDIA EX builds on those exceptional qualities.

With low noise and vibration, a comfortable operating environment and the latest ErgoCentric developments in steering. Meanwhile, the IPS2 Integrated Presence System and advanced brake systems will help ensure that they stay safe.

Model Load Capacity
FD40N 4000 kg
FD45N 4500 kg
FD50CN 5000 kg
FD50N 5000 kg
FD55N 5500 kg