FGC35-70K Series

LP Gas Count­er­bal­ance – 4 Wheel Cushion Tyres: 3.5 – 7  tonnes

Fly-by-wire technology gives precise, effortless hydraulic control and a fully floating powertrain – manufactured in-house – ensures smooth, perfectly balanced performance.

Cushion tyres help minimise the dimensions of these trucks, making them unbeatable where space is tight and power is at a premium. Combining ruggedness and refinement, they benefit from the defining standard of IC engine forklift performance for which Mitsubishi is so well known.

Model Load Capacity
FGC35K 3500 kg
FGC40K 4000 kg
FGC40K STC 4000 kg
FGC45K C 4500 kg
FGC45K 4500 kg
FGC55K 5500 kg
FGC55K STC 5500 kg
FGC60K 6000 kg
FGC70K 7000 kg
FGC70K STC 7000 kg