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The environments, climate challenges, drivers’ needs, lifting loads and heights of every lift truck driver are always different and special. Whatever the lifting capacity you need, 10-18 tons, 18-33 tons or 37-65 tons, Konecranes has the right forklift for you with the right package of options and attachments. Download Brochure

10-18 ton range:
Konecranes forklifts in the 10-18 ton range are known for their excellent manoeuvrability, thanks to their short wheelbase, and for their excellent stability.

18-33 ton Forklifts:
Konecranes fork lift trucks in the 18-33 ton range are versatile middleweights.

37-65 ton range:
Konecranes forklifts in the 37-65 ton range offer the ultimate in lifting power and capacity without sacrificing maneuverability or fuel efficiency.

See the range of Konecranes Liftace Forklift Trucks 10-16 ton 

First in safety: When working with material handling and heavy loads, you want to minimize safety risks to help maintain the well-being of your employees. You can do this by implementing new and improved preventive safety measures.


Every operation must meet different challenges. Lift trucks need to be able to function anywhere from the blazing deserts of the Sahara to the frozen wastes of the Arctic. With optimal performance and the right combination of features and attachments, Konecranes forklifts can help you maximize your operational efficiency.


To be able to make choices for a better tomorrow, you must find new ways to reduce costs without compromising performance. With the optimal combination of features and attachments, you can help protect the environment and still maximize your operational efficiency.


For the driver spending countless hours in a lift truck, the most important thing is not the return on investment or the overall performance of the fleet. Drivers want to feel secure and comfortable, and have the opportunity to do their jobs with precision and effectiveness.

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