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UniCarriers VNA by Magaziner

By 3rd March 2017September 20th, 2022Products, Very Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks, Warehouse Equipment

A Model EK 1300 – Man-up Narrow Aisle Truck

Compact, powerful, manoeuvrable, easy to operate and above all adaptable to specific customer requirements. The solution for all your full pallet and order picking requirements in VNA applications. The operator has a perfect view of the load and surroundings at all times. Thanks to a clever design and modular construction, the EK Series is suitable for all kinds of VNA applications.

Incorporating a modular design and construction, the EK Series offers a variety of features and adjustments so that each machine can be tailored to your logistical needs.  Download Brochure

Key points:Unicarriers VNA Magaziner Narrow Aisle Truck

1. Application Specific Design

Optimum space savings and maximum efficiency can be achieved for an existing warehouse with the adaptation of a custom designed and individually configured very narrow aisle forklift. Let us present you with a number of reasons why our custom built EK-Series vehicles may present the ideal solution for your material handling concerns.

2. Engineering and Safety

Operational safety is primarily determined by engineering and construction of the vehicle. The reliable safety design afforded the EK-Series is in no small part due to the engineering and considerable experience of custom building very narrow aisle forklift vehicles. The operator feels safe and secure in an enclosed cab yet has the freedom to work unhindered in an ergonomically intuitive designed work space. Studies show that optimum performance is linked to an environment that makes an operator feel safe and secure.

3. Comfortable Ergonomics

The EK-Series very narrow aisle vehicles are conceptually designed for continuous operation. This fact alone requires that the cabin be designed to enhance the working condition of the operator. Working together with countless customers and numerous specific operational requests, have proven very beneficial to enhance the drivers experience. The result is a base set of ergonomic conditions while maintaining the adaptation of specific individual customer requests.

4. Efficient Load Handling

Storage and retrieval operations are considered to be efficient when providing a high level of throughput with a minimum amount of energy consumption. The EK-Series advantage is apparent when comparing these factors. Modern ~AC motor control technology, unrestricted hydraulic flow, energy recovery features, and engineering specified weight reduction combine to give the EK models an exceptional performance grade.

5. Ease of Maintenance

The service on very narrow aisle turret trucks should offer expedited trouble shooting and cost effective repairs. These vehicles often provide the only method to obtain goods from a high bay storage areas and downtime is
considered critical. The modular approach of the electronic and hydraulic components serves to simplify the service and minimize any downtime.

6. Long-term Durability

The EK-Series is designed for extended life expectancy. With the use of quality and thoroughly tested components, engineering principals and design concepts for specific purposes, we ensure that our customers can depend on their EK vehicle functionality and availability. The modular concept also provides for the extended availability of parts, should your vehicle require service.