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MD1000 – Eurobin Tug

By 7th October 2022November 29th, 2022Products

The Eurobin Tug is the ergonomic solution for the safe and efficient transportation of food containers and conforms to DIN 9797. The Eurobin Tug is easy to use, powerful and compact allowing containers to be transported by a single operator, even in confined spaces. It is also possible to transport multiple containers by coupling them as a train.

The Eurobin Tug features an effective parking brake to hold the truck safely on slopes or on dock levellers. A robust metal cover protects the drive unit and components, while the low profile chassis protects the operator’s feet. A long, low mounted tiller arm places the operator at a safe yet comfortable working distance from the tug. The superstructure with the spring loaded lift ensures the stability while driving.

The Eurobin Tug has been specially designed to transport euro bins according to DIN 9797. Thanks to its powered traction wheel, the operator’s physical input is minimized. Equipped with 0,3 kW drive motor, the Eurobin Tug offers a highly cost-effective and productive solution for short and long distance transfers of loads up to 700 kg. Its compactness guarantees maximum manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

The compact and exchangeable LiFePo4 batteries allow opportunity charging via the external charger at any convenient power point for optimum uptime. All controls are located on the ergonomic designed tiller head. The dual butterfly levers for drive control and the button for lifting function can be easily operated by either hand which ensures precise operation. The sprung loaded hook makes attaching the machine extremely quick and easy.

The durable drive unit of the Eurobin Tug delivers consistent high performance and reliability. The robust chassis has a reinforced super- structure for safe, efficient handling of euro bins up to 700 kg. The one touch control of the spring loaded hook ensures user friendlyness and improves durability of the components.

The DC drive motor optimizes uptime between routine service periods and reduces service costs, while a reliable, energy efficient controller delivers smooth handling performance.