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Mitsubishi EDiA EX wins highly coveted Red Dot Design Award

A new breed of agile…
Mitsubishi EDiA EX wins highly coveted Red Dot Design Award

In announcing the winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Innovation 2015, the judging panel have recognised the Mitsubishi EDiA EX for its exceptional manoeuvrability and ground-breaking responsiveness.

This is the second time in three years that Mitsubishi has won this prestigious international award and one look at its revolutionary design will reveal why.

In developing the EDiA EX, designers at Mitsubishi concentrated on the biggest issues facing forklift truck users.

Its design team undertook their biggest customer study ever, speaking to managers and operators at companies in all sectors across eight different countries.
The result? An 80-volt electric truck that is agile in small spaces, comfortable, easy and responsive to drive and can be used both indoors and out – with no modifications or compromises.

Its four-wheel differential steering system allows the back wheels to turn by an unprecedented 100°, whilst at the front, twin drive motors act independently, ensuring unmatched control even on slippery surfaces.

The Intelligent Cornering System anticipates all characteristics ahead of and throughout the turn for a smoother, safer and swifter cornering performance than any rival – allowing this large truck to operate safely in small spaces. And because there is no initial ‘push’ it reduces tyre wear as well as stock and shelving damage in tight aisles.

Most remarkable of all is the EDiA EX’s unique Sensitive Drive System (SDS), which delivers unrivalled responsiveness and predictability – something that Mitsubishi designers define as “driveability”. Ground-breaking software enables the truck to sense – from the very first touch – exactly how a driver wishes to operate and automatically adjusts the machine’s reactions and performance accordingly, increasing driver confidence and productivity.

Designed to be used both indoors and out, the all-weather EDiA EX features IPX weatherproofing throughout – effective even in heavy rain.

The EDiA EX has the power and capacity of an IC engine truck but with the versatility, programmability and economy of a clean 80V AC power source.

The Red Dot Award also recognised the host of innovative, driver-friendly features – including revolutionary fingertip controls – which allow drivers to work precisely and safely with minimum effort.

In receiving the prestigious red dot award, Mitsubishi joins an illustrious honour roll of winners including BMW, Apple, Porsche and Bose. Launched in 1955, the award recognises exceptional products that demonstrate “design is an integral part of innovative product solutions.” For more information about the red dot award, visit

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