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New Mitsubishi Electric range score a hat trick at FLTA Awards

EDiA EM in the running for three Archies

The team behind the development of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks’ EDiA EM three-and-four-wheel electric range is celebrating, following news that it has made it to the Finals of the FLTA Awards for Excellence 2019… in three categories.

In October, the FLTA Awards Nominations Committee met to scrutinise a record-number of entries from companies of all shapes and sizes around the world, resulting in a shortlist of just 16 products and services.

Mitsubishi’s 48-volt electrics, which the manufacturer calls its “most intelligent and agile”, were shortlisted in three of the four fiercely competitive product categories: Ergonomics, Safety and Innovation.

In Ergonomics, EDiA EM was recognised for its operating space which has been optimised to keep drivers of all shapes and sizes operating comfortably with minimal risk of strain and fatigue.

EDiA EM offers class-leading manoeuvrability – without rear-end ‘kick’ thanks to a >100-degree steering angle. This offers four-wheel models with the turning power of a three-wheeler.

Beyond that, EDiA EM three-wheel models can be specified with ‘no-pause’ 360-degree steering – eliminating the need for conventional three-point turns and this impressed the Committee creating the shortlist for the FLTA Safety Award 2019.

This quickens load and lorry turnaround times – reducing energy in the process – and makes it easier to manoeuvre in narrow aisles. A separate drive motor on each of the truck’s front wheels provides the precision needed for work in tight spaces, while minimising the risk of damage to trucks, stock and racking.

Stability is key to the EDiA EM’s design. Its dual drive motors aid grip on slippery surfaces, while its passive sway control keeps mast movement to a minimum. In addition, EDiA EM operators benefit from advanced Curve Control which automatically calculates load weight, travel speed and turn angle to adjust the truck’s movement when entering bends.

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