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OPB12-25N2 Low-level order picker

By 2nd March 2017December 8th, 2022Order Pickers, Products, Warehouse Equipment

1.2–2.5 tonnes  |  24  Volts  |  AC Power

Despite its ultracompact size, our VELiA ES range of low level order pickers is packed with smart features that will have your operations running more efficiently, productively and reliably. Oh, and safer, too.

Its energy efficiency is top of its class. It’s 14% more efficient than its closest competitor meaning you can work as leanly as possible. And its market-leading ergonomics mean your operators will be as comfortable (and productive) as possible – even through the longest shifts.

But, if that weren’t enough, at the heart of every VELiA ES model is hyper-intelligent software that moulds the truck’s behaviour to your operator and your operations for performance that is consistently easier, steadier and safer.

With drive speeds of up to 13 km/h, VELiA ES is sure to pick up the pace of your operations… whichever model you choose (standard, rising platform [P], rising fork [F] and scissor lift [X]).

Class-leading energy efficiency
Because VELiA ES is 14 per cent more efficient than its nearest competitor, VELiA ES lets you work as leanly as possible.

Robust order picker design
VELiA’s extensive testing, which includes safety certification, enhances safety while lowering service costs.

Hyper-intelligent co-working
VELiA ES’ Sensitive Drive System moulds the truck’s behaviour to your operator’s and application’s for operations that are consistently easier, steadier and safer.

Lithium-ion option
This option offers 40% greater efficiency than traditional lead acid… and minimises the risk of operator error.

Advanced electric steering
To enhance your operator’s safety and productivity, VELiA ES benefits from automatic speed reduction in curves and automatic drive wheel centering.


1200 kg
1200 kg
2000 kg
2000 kg
2000 kg
2000 kg
2500 kg
2500 kg