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OPBH12PH & OPBM10P Mid/High Level Order Picker

1.0–1.2 tonnes  |  AC Power

At Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, our designers love a challenge. And, as any warehouse manager knows, there’s no greater one than order picking. Every second counts in this labour-intensive task. The result? VELiA EX. This high-efficiency range of mid and high-level order pickers has been engineered to scale the heights of productivity.

Exceptionally high visibility? Yes, thanks to our MaxVision mast and ClearView overhead guard. Ultimate reliability? Yes. With our VELiA EX mid and high-level order pickers – including a high-performance 48-model with unbeatable 1250 kg capacity, you can expect practically perfect picking.

Outstanding comfort features? Of course. Like every Mitsubishi order picker, it’s got those crucial differences which never fail to impress operators (or their employers).

Driver-friendly cabin
puts your operators in comfortable control with a spacious cabin, fully adjustable seat and split controls.

Ultra-easy on/off access
is offered by exceptionally low step height (just 215 mm) and wide entry.

Adaptable controls
work in partnership with your operator – for ultimate picking productivity.

Designed for order picking
models benefit from plenty of storage space in a high productivity picker design.

Visibility from every angle
is possible through features including our MaxVision mast, reducing risk of damage to stock and racking.

OPBM10P with EasyLift1000 kg
OPBM10P without EasyLift1000 kg
OPBH12PH1250 kg