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By 2nd March 2017October 12th, 2022Pallet Trucks, Products, Warehouse Equipment
Efficient and powerful lowlifter for demanding applications
UniCarriers is launching a compact low lifter with a load capacity of up to two tons. The pedestrian-controlled truck can be operated on foot or on a foldable operator platform, and on account of its narrow width of only 770 millimetres it is extremely manoeuvrable in restricted distribution areas. The five-point chassis with improved Friction Force system ensures stability and safety in travelling. The load weight pressure is transferred to the drive unit which ensures a permanent ground contact of all wheels and high traction in operation. This permits safe goods transport on uneven grounds and ramps as well. Furthermore, a very good braking performance as well as high travelling speeds are achieved. The low lifter travels a maximum of 10 km/h with load, and in unloaded condition even reaches up to 12.5 km/h optionally. On the driver platform with excellent damping, the operator can carry out longer internal transports comfortably as well. At the same time, the foldable side protection bars ensure maximum safety. The battery is stored on steel rollers as standard so it can be changed quickly in case of 24/7 operation.

Its ergonomic design and extensive range of equipment make PMR 200 an especially comfortable working partner. The standard ATC T4 computer stores the individual operating data of all drivers. It can be activated by a PIN code so that the forklift can only be operated by authorised drivers. Examples of optional features are electronic Power steering, Protective platforms with rear or side entry and an Equipment bar with writing desk as well as holders for mounting of computers and scanners. PMR 200 is manufactured corresponding to the proven UniCarriers modular design concept and completes the foldable platform chassis range, which includes the double stacker PDP 200 and stackers PSP 125/160. The standardised parts of the model simplify maintenance and repair of the forklift and thus increase uptime. Moreover, the one-piece machine cover can be removed easily so that maintenance work can be carried out quickly. Another help whilst servicing is offered by the diagnostic function of the ATC T4 on-board computer, with which disturbances can be identified rapidly.

Solutions for your needs

Fitting computers, scanners or other things are easy with optional Equipment bar with RAM holders and 12V power supply.

Traction and power

Friction Force is the solution to ensure high performance in any loading / unloading and high speed traveling application. Energy efficient AC drive motors with high power output provides high speed even with heavy loads for maximum productivity.

Battery change with ease

PMR comes with steel battery rollers as standard for quick and easy change of battery in multishift operations.

Ergonomics for the driver

The foldable platform is casted for maximum strength and well dampened, which reassures perfect comfort for the driver. Easily foldable side protection bars comes as standard for increased drive speed and safety.

Side- or rear entry protected driver platforms are available as option. Power steering is optional which further enhances comfort.