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By 2nd March 2017September 20th, 2022Order Pickers, Products, Warehouse Equipment
PPF / PPC / PPS Adjustable fork height low level order picker

Our low level order picker PP is designed for safe, effective, 1st and 2nd level order picking in heavy warehouse applications. An exceptional combination of manoeuverability, ergonomics and flexibility, this is the perfect partner for picking and placing goods on different load carriers.

A wide cab and low step in make the UniCarriers PP a highly efficient order picker. With rapid acceleration, high top speed and gentle braking, it moves quickly between picking stations. Both robust and slender, this truck is also highly effective in narrow aisles.
The lifting forks are at an ergonomic height to enable flexible picking. The elevating platform gives easy access to the 2nd level, and with the optional accompanying controls, the PPC can also be driven with the platform raised.

Productivity is further enhanced by advanced ergonomic design including a spacious driving platform with comfortable backrest, adjustable seat (optional) and storage space for paper and pens, etc. All perfectly located and within easy reach to give the best working position.

Picking efficiency

The low instep and the rising centrally positioned driver platform that puts the operator close to the picking location maximises picking efficiency.

Combined with rising forks, this ensures good ergonomics and high picking efficiency.

Choose rising steering equipment for driving between 2 level picking locations without lowering.


The rising driver platform allows fast picking at 1st and 2nd levels


Making picking very cost effective, the powerful AC motor gives high top speed and fast acceleration between picking locations

World-class safety

The operator is in the centre of the truck and is effectively protected all-round. The PIN code entry ensures that only authorised operators can drive the truck. Further enhancing safety, the optional Stability Support system S3 and Ergo power steering control the speed when cornering to ensure stability of load and driver.


Battery capacity up to 600 Ah allows long working cycles.

For efficient multi-shift operations, a quick battery changing system is available as the battery bed on rollers comes as standard.


UniCarriers patented 4-point Friction Force chassis automatically increases the drive wheel pressure to enhance traction in all conditions. This is particularly useful in moist environments and on slopes. This unique drivetrain technology also gives the truck a smooth ride on uneven surfaces.