STS Pneumatic Stacker


When the risk of explosion is particularly great, there’s only one solution: Explosion-Proof Forklift Trucks from Sichelschmidt GmbH.

All Sichelschmidt EX-protected trucks have been designed from the outset for operation in potentially explosive zones and not simply “converted” from a non-ex truck. As Sichelschmidt does not adapt existing machines, users can be assured of the utmost performance and safety levels. Each individual component – from the motor to the brakes and the forks – is specifically constructed to rule out any risk of explosion.

Sichelschmidt electric forklifts from the ex-protected range are all tested and certified by the stated relevant authority (e.g. by the Physical Technical Federal Establishment in Braunschweig/ the PTB or the TÜV North CERT), and for the USA and Canada come with a Factory Mutual (FM) stamp of approval.

Sichelschmidt Purpose Built Flame Proof Equipment

  • Power Pallet Truck
  • Stacker Truck
  • Counterbalance Stacker Truck
  • Straddle Stacker Truck
  • Counterbalance Electric Forklift
  • Reach-Truck

STS Pneumatic Stackers

This stacker has been designed to lift and transport Matcons or pallets in a Zone 1 area.

The lift is powered by a pneumatic hydraulic pump and the drive is powered by a 3 piston radial air motor. Due to its compact size it is suitable for confined areas. The forks of this unit are made of stainless steel but we can supply the unit in full stainless.

We also manufacture lots of bespoke versions of this unit to suit customer’s requirements.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Lift to 1500mm
  • SWL 1000 kg
  • Stainless steel forks
  • Pneumatic power drive
  • Emergency stops
  • Tiller emergency stops
  • Air consumption 300 litres per min at 5 bar
  • Maximum DBA 76

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