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The quietest truck on the market

Mitsubishi 4 tonne electric forklift

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks launches brand-new EDiA XL electric forklift

Innovative materials handling equipment designer and manufacturer Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks is proud to reveal its game-changing new EDiA XL electric counterbalance range.

Calm and steady

Providing a comfortable environment is key for helping operators stay productive. EDiA XL has a rubber-sealed cabin that significantly reduces microvibrations, and uses quiet components such as the Low Noise Lift hydraulic pump. During operation, the overall noise level inside the cabin is just 65dB – that’s similar to the sound levels of normal conversation, a dishwasher, or an electric shaver. EDiA XL also includes AC and heater options, so temperatures can be adjusted to suit the operator.

The cabin is designed with optimised mast, dashboard and counterweight placement for maximum visibility of load, forks and wheels.

EDiA XL even has the option of using a mini steering wheel, which fits in the operator’s palm, and allows them to maintain a more relaxed driving position – ideal for longer shifts.

Controlled handling

With EDiA XL, operators have greater control, enabling safer, more confident operations. The truck has dual joysticks that offer simultaneous lift and tilt functions for optimal handling as well as Adaptive Lift Control*, which reduces movement and ensures the truck remains stable when lowering loads from a height. Lifting and lowering functions can also be adjusted through TruckTool configuration software.

When working outside, EDiA XL keeps going, no matter what the weather. For example, when conditions are slippery, the electric differential lock can be activated so that both front wheels spin simultaneously to give better traction.

Driving is also enhanced by Four Wheel Steering, where the front axle drive motors turn in separate directions to provide stronger grip. Plus, the rear axle steers through a full 100° and uses dual drive motors for smooth turning on the spot, ensuring outstanding manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

When you need an extra bit of power, for example when going up ramps, Autoboost* will automatically activate to provide acceleration and torque boosts. But if you need to stop on an incline, the automatic parking brake with hill hold prevents the truck from rolling.

Easy charging

Whether it is fitted with lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries, maintenance and charging are easy and quick. EDiA XL has a small latch on the side of the truck where a charging cable can be fitted without the need to open the door. If the battery does need to be changed or inspected, the EasyAccess battery compartment door can open 180°.

Long-term benefits

To date the EDiA range has won accolades including the Red Dot award. As the next step in the evolution of this remarkable family of electric trucks, EDiA XL has the power and agility to perform any task. With zero emissions and class-leading energy consumption, it enables greener, cleaner operations for a more sustainable future.

EDiA XL is designed to perform and built to last, with an exceptional versatility that makes it the ideal alternative to IC engine trucks.

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