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SBP10-16N3 – SBP12N2C Pedestrian Stacker

1.0–1.6 tonnes  |  AC Power

The compact AXiA ES stacker range has the shortest chassis on the market, allowing it to work in extremely narrow aisles so you can get the most out of your storage space.

Unaffected by dirt, debris, dust and water thanks to its sealed protective chassis and waterproof components (rated to IP54), the AXiA ES will work dependably indoors or out with minimum maintenance. AXiA ES offers two operating modes. ECO mode is suitable for new operators as it limits speed for smooth movement. PRO mode supports faster speeds for optimum performance and productivity.

For operation on ramps and uneven floors, initial lift (i) models are the best choice. A straddle leg version is available for handling bottom-boarded pallets up to a width of 1200 mm. Foldable platforms for occasional ride-on use are available on the 1.2 to 1.6 tonne stackers. Controls are located on both the left and right sides of the market-leading ErgoSteer tiller head, making the truck safer and easier to operate, with less fatigue over a shift.

Waterproof and dustproof chassis
Its sealed chassis, combined with IP54 waterproofing increases uptime and productivity. It can even work in harsh environments.

Heavy duty, wide vision mast
Conventional forklift mast construction with good rigidity ensures great visibility and residual capacity.

Cast iron drive unit
Industrial-designed, heavy-duty, cast iron drive unit with gears running in an oil bath ensures maximum durability.

Low centre of gravity
Provides high residual lifting capacity and increased stability.

Compact chassis
The very compact chassis design allows the machine to work in much tighter aisles – releasing valuable storage space and making it safer to operate.


 SBP10N31000 kg
 SBP10N3R1000 kg
 SBP12N31200 kg
 SBP12N3I1200 kg
 SBP12N3R1200 kg
 SBP12N3IR1200 kg
 SBP12N2C1250 kg
 SBP14N31400 kg
 SBP14N3I1400 kg
 SBP14N3R1400 kg
 SBP14N3IR1400 kg
 SBP16N31600 kg
 SBP16N3I1600 kg
 SBP16N3R1600 kg
 SBP16N3IR1600 kg
 SBP16N3S1600 kg
 SBP16N3SR1600 kg