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1.2–2.0 tonnes  |  24  Volts  |  AC Power

If you are looking to maximise the efficiency of your warehouse space, stand-in stackers may be the perfect choice for you.  Combining minimal dimensions, a tight turning circle, and excellent operator protection, they offer an affordable and flexible alternative to a full VNA solution. By keeping the driver completely — and safely protected — within the truck, they can manoeuvre in much smaller aisle width.

Designing a warehouse around stand-in stackers is up to 35% more efficient from a space point of view compared to pedestrian stackers, typically lowering the cost per pallet position by a third. The compact profile also potentially allows for two-way traffic in aisles vs a reach truck, allowing for increased productivity.

And standing is the most efficient position for an operator from a working point of view, easily allowing them to frequently step on and off throughout a shift. There is ample space to work while still offering excellent all-round protection while working, and by being entirely within the truck they are better protected against collisions.

Standing vs Regular
By keeping the operator completely within the truck, not only are they better protected in cases of accident or impact, but the truck itself can be more compact and manoeuvrable, allowing for use in narrower aisles.

Enhanced Stability System (ESS)
As well as the high-stability chassis design, additional automatic systems are in place to automatically reduce acceleration during sharper turns and reduce drive speed when forks are above 1.7 m.

Ergo Forks Trailing Control
When travelling over long distances with forks trailing, this additional control option allows for a more comfortable standing position with the operator facing forward. (Option)

Intelligent Cornering System
The truck senses the angle of a turn and reduces speed early. This makes for much safer handling with maximum stability and accurate, positive cornering.

Li-ion battery
This option allows for quick charging, while minimising maintenance – avoiding the need for costly extra batteries and time-consuming changeovers. (Option)

 SBR12N21250 kg
 SBR12N2I1250 kg
 SBR16N21600 kg
 SBR16N2I1600 kg
 SBR20N22000 kg
 SBR20N2I2000 kg