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1.6–2.0 tonnes  |  AC Power

The AXiA EX sit-on stacker is a flexible and cost-effective choice for stacking and internal transport in warehousing, manufacturing, and anywhere else safe, productive stacking is required. Platform stackers are more commonly used for these tasks but with an aisle width (AST) requirement of 2.8 m (vs 2.5 m on the AXiA EX) and lift heights of only 5.4 m (vs 7 m for the AXiA EX), it’s easy to see where the sit-on stacker presents an opportunity to make much better use of space.

If greater use of space is required, its compact design also makes it a viable and affordable alternative to building a warehouse expansion or implementing a full, complex VNA solution.

Many businesses will also use reach trucks for stacking tasks where even a light reach truck may be over-specified for the job and require an AST of 2.7 m or more. If the work requires lifting to 7 m or less, the AXiA sit-on stacker makes for an excellent low-cost alternative. The optional side stabilizers allow for easier lifting of heavy loads to height, with capacities not far from more expensive reach trucks.

Easy maintenance, high performance, long service intervals, and Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks reliability make for a powerful package. Add the initial lift option to double the pallet handling capability and you could see productivity soar.

Li-ion battery
This option allows for quick charging, while minimising maintenance – avoiding the need for costly extra batteries and time-consuming changeovers. (Option)

Enhanced Stability System (ESS)
As well as the high-stability chassis design, automatic systems are in place additional to automatically reduce acceleration during sharper turns and reduce drive speed when forks are above 1.7 m.

Convenient charging
An external battery plug allows for easy charging of Lead-acid batteries without the need to unplug the internal connection. For safety, the truck is unable to operate while plugged in. (Option)

Folding side stabilisers
The stabilizers fold up and down simultaneously with the forks for efficient stacking operations, significantly increasing residual capacities on high lift heights. (Option)

Mini steering wheel with floating armrest
This ergonomically adjustable control setup makes operating far more comfortable for the driver during long shifts. This not only minimises fatigue, keeping them more focused and productive, but reduces the risk of RSI and other strains in the neck and shoulders, a common cause of driver absence which comes with related costs.

 SBS16N21600 kg
 SBS16N2I1600 kg
 SBS20N22000 kg
 SBS20N2I2000 kg