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Semi-Electric Hand Pallet Truck

No more backbreaking physical efforts. Loading and unloading goes smoothly with this semi-electric manual pallet truck, designed with a focus on safety and ergonomics.

What’s great about this Semi-Electric Hand Pallet Truck?

  • Light weight on the back of trucks – 140 kg
  • Lifting capacity at 1500 kg
  • Ideal for light applications
  • Protects the operator from injury and strain
  • Low cost
  • Supported by our Nationwide Local Service

To find out more:
Email: or Call:  01 620 9200



Type of hand pallet truck   STANDARD
Load capacity (kg)     1500
Centre of gravity (mm)     565
Type of brake   NONE
Minimum height H1 (mm)     85
Length of the forks L1 (mm)     1150
Thickness of the forks T1 (mm)   50
Total length L2 (mm)     1580
Total width W1 (mm)   560
Width of the forks W2 (mm)   150
Width across the forks W3 (mm)   560
Width between the forks W4 (mm)   260
Control length L3 (mm)   430
Centre distance L4 (mm)   327
Turning circle WA (mm)   1380
Number of fork wheels   4
Material of the steering wheel     POLYURETHANE
Material of the fork wheels   POLYURETHANE
Material of hand pallet truck     STEEL
Own weight (kg)     140