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Through a specially designated fleet manager, we can control your fleet of forklifts and advise on the best way to control and reduce your forklift cost by optimizing the way in which they are used.

Our reporting structure will allow you to identify where and why damage is occurring and will help to reduce such un-necessary costs.

Under this service, both Servicing and Thorough Examinations will have a fixed costs per unit.

We will advise on how swapping trucks from one of your sites to another may provide significant benefit to your productivity.

Having this control in place means you can readily see the costs associated with your trucks and can have a more regulated idea of budgetary requirements year on year.

Our Fleet Management service encompasses all of our product services and our fleet managers co-ordinate with our service, hire, sales and spare parts departments on your behalf.

How does it work?

We visit your site(s) and make detailed reports of your forklift fleet recording details such as makes, models, serial number and truck work hours. This information is recorded on our computerised management system.

Our service manager in agreement with your nominated contact, will select the service interval and create a ‘service interval due’ report in months or weeks and set the next due date. When a service job is completed our system automatically pushes the next service due date forward based upon the set parameters. Once the date is flagged, the reports generated at month end pick these machines and place them automatically on the schedule.

From the 15th of each month our fleet manager will generate maintenance reports detailing jobs carried out on all trucks on all sites during the previous month.

Details will include:

  • Truck identification – ID Number / Make, Model and Serial Number
  • Visit Date
  • Number of visits to same truck / same repair
  • Truck work hours recorded
  • Parts cost, Labour Cost and service cost by truck
  • Total costs by truck, by site and total cost per month

Further reports can be made available to nominated people within your company giving not only the specifics but also an overall review of the costs being incurred;

These include…
  • Year to date Repair Cost Report – this will show running totals by truck and by site
  • Year to date Damage Cost Report – this will also show the running totals.
  • We will also review any specific requirements you may require and can report in a manner that specifically demonstrates as such.

All forklift trucks require Thorough Examinations to be carried out every 12 months. This identifies any faults and ensures that the forklift trucks are within the minimum industry regulated safety standards. The thorough examinations are carried out by Henley qualified personnel.

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