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Electric Tug Range


The distribution centers, large offices, and magazines had a large demand for an electric platform cart. We decided to heed the call, which result in the Movexx-Flatbed. The Movexx-Flatbed is an electric platform cart able to easily move 750 kg. The machine has a loading platform of 800 mm wide and 1200 mm long. The flat loading platform makes sure a structure is possible. Think of a tool cabinet for example. Because of its versatility, this electric cart is suited for the following market segments: industry, supermarkets & retail, hospitals, airports, flower industry, waste management sector, caravan storage etc.


he Movexx T2500-P is a compact electric tug with an electric lifting device. The T2500-P is characterized by the fact that one side of a cart is lifted from the ground to move the cart. Think about a cart or low trolley with two wheels and two jack legs. Because the T2500-P lifts a cart or trolley, more traction is generated, enabling the T2500-P to effortlessly move 2500 kg. This makes the electric tug perfectly suited for the following market segments: industry and waste. The T2500-P is also available in a lighter edition, the Movexx T1000-P.

T2500 – T6000

The Movexx T2500, T3500, and T6000 are a range of electric tug, which generates traction by means of their own weight. Mostly used in an environment in which carts already have a hook or a folding hook, this tug can also be expanded with a lifting module to use for carts without a hook. The electric tractor can be equipped with an exchangeable battery system, making it easy to replace an empty battery with a charged one.

T1000 Platform, T3500 Platform

The T1000 platform and T3500 platform are ideal to use for longer distances. This electric tug can easily move trolleys, industrial carts, or roll containers on wheels, without you having to perform any physical exercise.

The T1000 and T3500-platform have an exchangeable battery system. An empty battery can be easily changed by moving the battery from the holder and inserting a charged battery. The electric tug has two adjustable speeds (fast and slow), a height adjustable drawbar head, backrest and a horn. Furthermore, you are standing on a checker plate for maximum grip. Because of the useful coupling mechanism, almost every load on wheels can be pulled.

AGV1000, AGV2500

Autonomous Precision. The AGV1000 and AGV2500 is a mid-end, automatically guided vehicle, capable of following an optic route completely autonomously. The electric tug can automatically couple and decouple trolleys with two castors and two fixed castors, and is mostly used in an industrial production environment and the physical distribution logistics. The AGV is also capable of navigating various complex routes with switches and requires minimum maintenance. It is equipped with the function to read RFID tags, and is able to drive variable speeds up to 4.7 km/h.

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