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By 2nd March 2017October 12th, 2022Products, Reach Trucks, Warehouse Equipment
TERGO® UMS-TF/UHD-TF/UHX-TF Reach truck with telescopic forks

Specially designed to work in double deep applications, UniCarriers new generation heavy-duty reach trucks are also available with telescopic forks.

This is stability, performance and ergonomics without compromise – for your warehousing productivity.

Compared with conventional storage, the TERGO® reach trucks with telescopic forks require approximately 25% less space for the same storage volume. With special hydraulic fork extensions it is possible to reach two pallets deep from one single aisle.

The UMS–TF is the perfect versatile partner in most operations for lift heights up to 8.950 metres. For even tougher tasks, there’s the robust UHD–TF that handles loads up 11.500 metres.

A combination of sensitive controls, the extremely stable mast and chassis add to superior control when lifting and stacking. Angled overhead bars, tilting seat and tilting ProVision mast design with integrated hydraulics, further enhance very good vision for safe and fast material handling.

For the highest warehose applications, choose the steady UHX-TF with lift heights up to 12.100 metres.

Ergonomics are absolutely world-class. UniCarriers unique mini steering wheel with floating armrest, the multi-adaptable operator’s environment, intuitive controls, spacious cabin and hands-free directional control put the operator in control to maximise efficiency and safety.

A wide range of extra equipment such as ASR – Active Spin Reduction, LAS – Level Assistance System, Ergologic operator interface, Fast Track battery change system, load wheel brakes, video camera and cold store cabin complement what are probably the world’s most personal reach trucks.

Efficiency at the highest level

Everything with the UniCarriers TERGO® – from ergonomics to performance – is about productivity.

High-precision mast design with soft stop technology and a fully damped reach system contribute to supreme stability in all conditions. Mast tilt and intuitive lift controls further facilitate loading and stacking at all heights.

The hands-free direction control uses the accelerator for change of travel direction, allowing the operator to use the right hand for operating up to three hydraulic functions simultaneously.

The powerful 48V AC motor provides excellent performance – top speed is 12.5 km/h. To maximise productivity and safety, UniCarriers Truck Computer ATC3, with personal PIN code for individual performance settings, allows the reach truck to suit each operator’s driving skills.

World-class ergonomics for improved operator performance

The spacious cabin is entirely designed around the operator. The unique mini steering wheel and floating armrest allow effortless manoeuvring during long shifts with minimum strain on arm, neck and shoulders. The seat and the armrests are easily adjusted to the individual operator – up to seven different parameters can be set.

The Pro Vision mast design further enhances visibility and ergonomics when handling high loads. The separate footstep and a specially designed instep handle make it easy to get in and out of the truck.

An ergonomic comparative evaluation study on reach trucks from three different manufacturers showed that the new UniCarriers TERGO® offered the most ergonomic working postures, resulting in less shoulder and neck strain. (Chalmers University of Technology, 2011).

Advanced safety technology

The UniCarriers S3 – Stability Support System – provides technology which ensures an unmatched industry-leading safety level. To maintain driving stability in a wide range of situations, the S3 technology continuously measures speed, steering, commands, mast movement and lift height of the truck.

The new feature DCC – Dynamic Cornering Control- modifies the relationship between the speed of the truck and the operator´s steering wheel movements, allowing a higher level of cornering speed and when handling loads at high levels, the Optimised Performance Control adapts the tilt and reach speed to maximise stability and safety.

The innovative feature LAS – Level Assistance System- is moving intuitive material handling to a new level. The operator needs only to release the lift lever slightly and the forks will stop automatically and with full precision at the right level.

The ASR – Active Spin Reduction – improves safety, especially when driving on surfaces with low friction and reduces drive wheel wear for additional cost savings

100% personal – on your terms

The UniCarriers TERGO® range is all about you and your operations.

Everything from design, technology and performance, to service and financing has been created to fulfil the needs and wants of the world’s most demanding truck users in the most personal way.

All because we know that technology designed around human needs makes people more productive and happy at work.

And to make your UniCarriers TERGO® even more you, there’s a wide range of specially designed options and accessories.

Maximised uptime

UniCarriers TERGO® reach truck series is designed with focus on long service intervals and excellent serviceability. The unique UniCarriers Truck Computer (ATC3) with CAN Bus technology allows the service engineer to easily and quickly diagnose and service the truck, thus keeping uptime to a maximum.

All UniCarriers trucks are designed according to UniCarriers unique Modular Design Concept which improves quality and limits the number of parts used. Our mobile service engineers therefore only have to carry a limited number of spare parts, which contributes to providing a First Time Fix Rate over 95%, resulting in a market leading uptime.

Have a seat!

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