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The IFOY Award 2015 in the category “Warehouse Truck” goes to the Tergo URS from Swedish manufacturer UniCarriers GmbH.
The jury selected the combined narrow aisle and reach truck as the best new warehouse truck of the year.


The combined narrow aisle and reach truck impressed the jury with its multifunctionality and its forward-looking ergonomic concept. With the Tergo URS, UniCarriers combines the benefits of high warehouse density and reduced handling requirements, and also sets a benchmark in terms of ergonomic design.Operating characteristics are highly responsive and predictable, and meet the current market demand for efficiency and ergonomics in a unique way.

IFOY Award – Warehouse Truck of the Year 2015

The Tergo URS is based on the Tergo family and is a narrow aisle and reach truck in one. It can carry loads of up to 1,500 kg and has a maximum lifting height of 10,350 mm. Development work on the URS focused on ergonomic aspects, high service standards and total cost of ownership.

The main feature which is a one-of-a-kind in the market is the individually adjustable driver cabin. The seat has a wide range of settings and can even be adjusted to suit the weight of the driver.

The floor plate with pedal is height-adjustable (max. 70 mm), and the slim backrest enables the driver to turn with ease when reversing.

The truck has a mini-steering wheel on the left armrest, and all hydraulic functions can be operated with minimum hand movement. The individual driver settings can be called up via PIN codes or RFID cards. This means that beginners can work at reduced speed and adjust their settings as they become more experienced, so that the power of the URS also adapts to the skill levels of the driver.
The tie-bars are intelligently shaped and positioned to ensure a good view of the load. The roof sections are angled and make for maximum upward visibility. Mirrors are mounted on both sides of the mast for a good view of the blind spot.

The Tergo URS is agile yet stable and reliable; in particular, the fork rotates quickly and smoothly. The turning circle of the URS is the smallest in its class. The fact that the forklift is not only induction-controlled or rail-guided but can also be operated as a free range truck is a major benefit.

The patent-pending Dynamic Cornering Control (DCC) feature dynamically reduces the speed when cornering based on the driving speed and steering wheel angle, and this enhances operating safety.
The URS also has a convincing maintenance concept. As the machine is based on the Tergo family, local service technicians can generally provide the necessary support services.