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A new standard.

Many Eurobins are used in the food industry. When filled, these bins can easily weigh >300 kg. Moving these bins manually is time-consuming and not ergonomically justified for the employee. Movexx has developed a solution for this in the past in the form of a vacuum hook, which can be mounted on a T1000-Inox or T1500-Inox. In practice, we found that the vacuum hook did not work as well because of condensation and/or contamination in many situations. This caused it to lose contact with the Eurobin. This created the need to develop a better solution.

What the Eurobins have in common are the “wings” on the sides. The new developed hook solution, which connects the bins to these “wings”, is combined with the MD-1000 stainless steel. This makes this solution very compact and easy to use. What is unique about this hook solution is that it is possible to automatically hook up the Eurobin when it is filled with at least 150 kg.

As the employee can now electrically move the Eurobins with an optimal working position (upright), the physical load is significantly reduced. This benefits, among other things, the employee’s productivity and job satisfaction. In addition, by using the coupling piece, several bins can be transported at once, resulting in more efficiency.

One of a kind
Specially designed to manoeuvre Eurobins. The only one of its kind.

Very manoeuvrable
The machine has a driven wheel and can rotate 180 degrees. This allows the combination to rotate 360 degrees in place.

Use Lithium Lifepo4 technology as a standard
The Lithium LifePo4 battery supplied as standard makes it possible to perform an interim charge without fear of damaging the battery. In addition, an empty battery can be exchanged for a full one very easily and quickly. So you are never on your own.