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TXP Transmission Protection

Total Transmission Protection with a 5 Year Guarantee.

The TXP transmission protection system is designed for internal combustion engine forklifts, with an electricity selectable fluid transmission.

The system has many features designated to protect the transmission and tyres.

The system will stop operators changing direction at high speed or with high engine rpm. It will also stop operators from using the truck as a bulldozer and prevent fast take offs.

  • Save up to 60% in tyre wear saving per annum
  • Total transmission protection system
  • Put an end to fast take offs or tyre spinning
  • Make operators drive safely
  • Decrease damage spend
  • System can pay for itself in less than 12 months
These features allow the gearbox and drive train to be totally passive when a direction change is made, thus protecting the forklift from potential wheel spin and premature drive train failure.

The TXP uses the very latest in microprocessor based technology, it is also very compact so it can easily be hidden away. There is a full anti-tamper and fault diagnostics built into the dash board display, the driver is given a green light when allowed to change direction. Red warning lights are used to highlight an engine or speed signal fault.
As well as the dash board display the TXP is also fitted with a warning buzzer. If the system experiences any problems, the buzzer will sound to alert the driver.

If the truck is already installed with a sensor to monitor road speed, in most cases we can plug the system straight in to save time during the installation process.

The TXP system is compliant with the very latest EC directives. To learn more about the TXP system please contact us by email and we will gladly send you a technical specification sheet.


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