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Heavy-duty Forklift Truck – Diesel powered ZX

Eco-friendliness with a greener diesel engine. The UniCarriers ZX 60 to ZX 100 forklift trucks have been substantially upgraded to be more powerful, yet eco-friendly workhorses with a variety of State-of-the-art features.

They include a new type of electronically- controlled diesel engine, a travel interlock system which helps ensure safe operation of the truck, and a new, easy-to-read instrument panel. The new series offer both, more eco-friendliness and higher productivity to meet the load handling challenges of today as well as tomorrow.

Thanks to the new Transmission Performance Selector, the driver can select 3 different types of shifting performance: STD for a normal shifting, “H” for quick shift to 2nd speed and “L” to keep 1st speed.

With this feature, together with speed limit selector, the truck performance is easily customised.

Model ZX 60 ZX 70 ZX 80 ZX 100 
Lift capacity6000 kg7000 kg8000 kg10000 kg
Load center600 mm
Truck width2005 mm2005 mm2175 mm2245 mm
Turning radius3380 mm3440 mm3690 mm3930 mm
Overhead guard height2550 mm2550 mm2660 mm2660 mm
Battery (std)24/60 V/Ah
Length to fork face3570 mm3640 mm4010 mm4250 mm