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1.1–2.0 tonnes  |  48 / 80  Volts  |  AC Power

A true VNA specialist, the ELEViA series is optimised for easy order picking and pallet handling in narrow aisle spaces. With intuitive controls, an ergonomic, spacious cabin and excellent visibility, ELEViA is an operator’s dream. Modular design and engineering make it highly configurable.

Each model in the range is fully optimised for a specific type of application, making for a comprehensive and versatile selection of trucks. The 1.1–1.3-tonne models are available with 48 V or 80 V electrical systems, while larger models are 80 V only.

Highly optimised VNA design
Every ELEViA is a VNA specialist, offering excellent productivity in narrow aisles with low maintenance requirements.

Easily accessible maintenance points
Servicing is always quick and straightforward, minimising any potential downtime.

Choice of 7 different capacities
Each model in the range has been highly optimised to fulfil a different specific role, offering a complementary feature set for VNA operations.

Lift heights up to 19 metres
High racking is easily reachable, allowing for greater use of available warehouse space.

Fork positioner
Fork spacing is easily and simply adjusted by the operator to suit the situation at hand.


 VNT111100 kg
 VNT121200 kg
 VNT131300 kg
 VNT141350 kg
 VNT151500 kg
 VNT15XL1500 kg
 VNT202000 kg